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Enjoy running your race 

Get back to feeling good

Get back to regular life faster

Sleep better and feel refreshed

Do what you want- sit longer, stand longer, walk more, run more without paying for it later

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Payment Method: We accept payment at time of service which can be using HSA, FSA or credit card.

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The Athletity Method

Begin with an expert evaluation to find out the root cause of your issue. Once you know exactly what is wrong-the steps to recovery and healing are discussed. Each session is different based on your level of progress with an updated at-home game plan.

We focus on helping you heal WHILE you stay active. Rarely is someone told to rest. That's where Athletity shows expertise.


Skip a waiting room- we come right to you and bring all the therapy supplies including a therapy table.

Individual Care

The non-cookie cutter approach. Every minute of your session is spent getting you results, answering your questions, designing a plan specifically for you. 

About Athletity

What We Offer

Expert Level Care

Experience the difference of an orthopedic expert evaluation of your area of concern.

Detailed Plan

Know exactly what to do for fast results and why it matters. 

Between Session Support

Email or text your questions between appointments-no need to wait until your next session.

Symptom Guarantee

Have a change in symptoms within the first 3 sessions-guaranteed.

Amazing Benefits

A win looks different for each client based on current life goals.

What Our Clients Say They Like

Understand how to manage your injury with life (including still running)

Detailed exercise and recovery plan for each week for those who are busy

Modifications for exercises 

Thoroughly explain and be taught about your injury/recovery

Appointments are easy-remote workers love not missing much time-moms love that childcare isn't needed


" ...instantly she showed me a path to pain free movement. For all of those who have struggled with "get PT cycle" and no relief, seek out Shari, your body will thank you."


"Dr. Shari is a godsend! I struggled with IT band issues which worsened over time to the point where entire right leg hurt. After one visit Dr. Shari was able to pinpoint the true cause of my issues and made recommendations that had my pain levels dropping immediately...I finally have hope of running a second marathon this year.  I appreciate that she understands that no matter my age, I want to stay active. I highly recommend Dr. Shari!"


What You Can Gain

Your orthopedic physical therapy expert near Marysville, OH.


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Athletity was born from the strong belief that everyone has an innate athletic ability (athletic ability).

The activities and things that make us feel strong, refreshed and that we can do hard things are important.

No matter if you're a current athlete, former athlete or want to be a healthy role model for your kids-we understand your need to go. 

Dr. Shari Miller specializes in running injuries and has special interest in back pain, pregnancy + postpartum back pain, shoulder pain. Previously she has worked as a physical therapist for the US Army and Special Forces, with running clubs in Virginia, Hawaii and Ohio. She is a Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist since 2012. She received her Doctorate from University of Mount St. Joseph in 2009 and her Bachelors in Exercise Science from University of Toledo in 2006. 

Dr. Shari guiding a knee exercise with a runner using a ball against wall