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2 Visit Guarantee

A change in your symptoms will be noticeable by the end of your 2nd session-or that session is complimentary.

Protect Your Athletic Ability

Research shows the quicker some injuries and aches are treated-the less likely they are to become chronic lingering issues. Get an action plan to recover quickly.

Easy Visits Save Time

Don’t worry - we keep therapy simple. Our therapist brings everything needed to you or upon request video visits can be available.

FREE Messaging!

There’s no obligation, send us a text message and tell us what you're dealing with. We will let you know if we can help.

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...What Can We Do For You?

We help those who want to stay active-without pain or limits.

Athletity Is The Place Motivated People Go To Get Better.

Our clients with the best results spend 10 minutes a day on their Balanced Relief plan.

  • Ankle Sprain Client: back to full practice in 3 days
  • Hamstring Strain Client: back to full practice in 10 days
  • Knee Pain in Soccer Player: 14 days to 100%

What We Help With + Past Results

Youth Injuries

  • 4 month Foot pain: 100% gone 2 visits
  • Back Pain: 50% gone DURING ultra-marathon (yes treated in middle of race virtually)
  • Knee Pain: 4 visits back to training (running)

Fitness Injuries/ Aches

  • Back Pain: 80% better in 2 visits
  • Upper Back Pain: 60% better first visit
  • Sciatica: Better in 4 visits and able to run race third trimester

Pregnancy Aches

  • Severe Back Pain: able to do all daily activities pain free within 3 days
  • Hips Out of Place: Resolved in 4 visits
  • Sciatica: Resolved in 3 visits
  • Diastasis Recti: 4 week program


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Medical Disclaimer: All information on this site is for educational purposes only. All results vary based on individual effort, stage of recovery, duration of symptoms and cannot be guaranteed. We do our best to help and refer to other medical providers if changes are not seen when expected.

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