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J. Marshall, Ohio

L. Arnold, Marysville, OH

Dr. Shari is a godsend! I struggled with IT band issues which worsened over time to the point where entire right leg hurt and my mileage just kept dropping. After one visit Dr. Shari was able to pinpoint the true cause of my issues and made recommendations that had my pain levels dropping immediately. After seeing her two more times I'm feeling good after my runs, my pain continues to diminish, and I finally have hope of running a second marathon this year.  I appreciate that she understands that no matter my age, I want to stay active. I highly recommend Dr. Shari!” 

Winnie H, Dublin, OH

Dr. Shari is the best! She started with my husband and his neck pain. She showed him the exercises to do and it made the world of difference. Now if he feels it hurting him again he knows exactly what to do to get it back into shape. 

Then I recently injured my knee, we were doing therapy and it wasn’t reacting as it should. So she recommended that I get an MRI. Come to find out I have a level 1 torn PCL. Shari truly has your best interests in mind.  I’m doing more therapy and it is healing up. Hope to be back to running soon.

S. Burns, Marysville, OH

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Dr. Shari was a lifesaver for me.  I had a very painful sciatic issue.  She did a video appointment with me, confirmed my issue, and immediately started treating me.  Dr. Shari showed me exercises I could do in the comfort of my own home.  They worked! Dr. Shari followed up with me to make sure my issue was resolving.  She also recommended an exercise facility that has helped to keep my sciatica from returning.  My time with Dr. Shari was worth every second.

I visited Dr. Shari for help strengthening my core after having kids. She did a complete assessment to see where I currently was at strength wise. She then discussed a treatment plan in depth with me, made just for me. She went over all the exercises that would help to strengthen my core and made sure I was using proper form as well as instructed me on why they would help and how they would make a difference. I left feeling so confident in the plan she gave me. I now have all the exercises through an easy app I can use at home. She is so wonderful at listening, explaining and she is  there to help every step of the way! I would highly recommend Dr. Shari!

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